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"The last revolution comes from deep changes in ourselves."  -Anais Nin

May kindness find you always.  May you find more ways to be kind.  

Honesty is the key to any door worth entering.  Want real success?  Keep your actions & words true.

Show your children that you trust life so they can.

Show your children unconditional love so they know how to find it and give it.

Love and compassion are our greatest protectors. 

       Where you are sits power, sits talent, sits trust.  What matters is now.

Get still.  Get quiet.  Find the present.  Open.  Release.  Rise.  Root.  Reconfigure.  Rest.  Repeat.


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    MARCH 21ST 10AM to 1PM  $100 per person

Meditation for Healing

with Dr. Eliaz

This is an unpolished recording of a meditation I attended with Dr. Eliaz.  He is a world renown Cancer and Lyme Disease doctor and the gifted MD in charge of my blood-plasma treatments. 

Close your eyes and stay with the experience if you can.  The deeper he gets into the meditation, the more treasures emerge.

Wake Up with Ryan Weiss

“Let’s find a way to look at the problems

we are facing and not be seduced

or stopped by them.

-Ryan Weiss

Ryan and I have had great success working as a team with clients in serious crisis. Ryan is one of the few coaches I know who holds an intoxicating positivity while also speaking to and bringing wisdom to reality.

Sign up for his free daily email and consider his inspirational videos or do yourself a big favor and work with the guy. 


I walked out of the premiere insisting it was the most brilliant movie I had ever seen.

It is open-heart surgery.  Mark Webber & Teresa Palmer have created a masterpiece.  More, please.  It is raw and well-formed. 

It speaks to the seen and the unseen.  

The performances are grand and flawless.  The music will move you.  It breathes a truthfulness so rarely found in film. 

Section 4   The Unmissables

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Writing Group

My mother has been a professional writer for my entire life.  We have spent thousands of hours together riding the high that is making language move just right. 

This has inspired me to offer a free 4-week writing group - one you can participate in from home.

Each Monday in March I will email the members a small collection of images.  You can write and submit one word, a poem, an essay, a story, a song... whatever comes. 

I will post all submissions on the writing group’s page on the following Tuesday. For more information or to sign-up, email me directly.

My Medical Treatment Update

For those of you who have been supportive in any way or are interested, here is my January update.  Many people have asked if I am still working during treatment - my answer is a big yes.


( infinite light )


                MAY 5TH 5PM to 7:30PM  $15

This class will offer a safe, non-judgemental space for couples stagnating in bold or quiet conflict.  Couples will work through issues with me just as they would in a private session but in-front of the group so all can benefit.  This class is a rare opportunity for attendees to fast-track their own healing by witnessing others resolve what is limiting love in their lives.  ( register here )

Join me for a surprise musical guest, a 30 minute sit and a Guided Imagery journey that will later be released as my third Guided Imagery album. ( register here )