“Adrienne has a special gift in the field of intuitive work. She brings a high level of professionalism to her field with impeccable integrity. Her authentic nature is calming and I especially like her down to earth approach. Adrienne's work is simply amazing - a must experience.”

-Marty Higgins, Commercial Real Estate Broker

“Call her a gypsy minus the crystal ball, a psychic minus the gawdy neon-sign, a fortune-teller minus the cookie. Adrienne is the real deal. All love. All soul and man oh, man can she see into your life. Past, present and future. She's beyond gifted and gifted from beyond! I can't recommend her work enough. She is mystical AND modern. She puts the chic in psychic. She fills any holes with trust and trusts fully in the WHOLE. I give you my word: Adrienne is magic.”

-Jon Marro, Designer and Founder of Blend Apparel

“Adrienne has a remarkable talent to see what is happening internally, both physically and emotionally. In each session with Adrienne, I'm blown away with what I learn about myself. In a recent session, Adrienne observed something about my digestive tract - and later I found out via a series of tests that I had a digestive condition. In addition to being able to see things that are not visible to the naked eye, she gives very practical steps that are easy to implement immediately. I highly recommend Adrienne - she is extraordinarily gifted!”

-Tamar Tamler, Director of Partnership Development at Revolution Foods

"The most wonderful thing about working with Adrienne is that her intuitive skills allow her to access and validate those truths that lay deep within each of us.  Having never met her before and without revealing any information about my life, she told me so many things that are true to my heart.  She described situations and people in my life exactly as they are. She helped me to believe all that I know to be my truth.  I can use this information to make informed decisions about future choices on my journey. I find it interesting that Adrienne can share specific details of my life which erase any doubt of her very real skill.  I will continue to seek her intuitive skills as a means for supporting me on my way through this life."

  1. M.K., Director at Montefiore Medical Center

“Adrienne is the most effective intuitive counselor I've ever worked with. Her intuitive readings and advice have helped me in the most important decisions of my life. These areas cover my health, my marriage, my friend relationships, my work and my spiritual growth. I recommend Adrienne to every single one of my friends who are ready to take an authentic look at their lives and want to resolve what does not work for them. Adrienne has integrity, is authentic and extremely gifted in her ability to see the unseen. She is also very adept at communicating her visions in a way that is comprehensive and clear. I feel safe with her and I've grown to trust her 100%. She is a true treasure!”

-Priya Assal Gheysari,  Owner, Mapriya Art

“I cannot recommend Adrienne enough! She has an amazing gift of pure and clean energy that she uses to help you work deeply and lovingly on yourself. I have learned things in our sessions that have helped me be a happier, more fulfilled, and truer version of myself. She is somewhere and someone I go to when I am at a crossroads and I know she will help me make the right decisions in my life."

-Cafe McMullen, Program Director at Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center

Adrienne has a profound gift.  She is part therapist, part psychic and part wise old woman.  Whether I attend a session elated and blissful, or deflated and hopeless, I leave my time with adrienne having a greater sense of clarity for my identity and a deeper belief in and commitment to my goals.  Adrienne sees my reality, my truth, and my potential and communicates all of these with inspiring imagery and deliberate honesty.   To find adrienne, is to find a window into another plane of understanding about yourself and your role in this world.” 

-Miranda Ferriss Jones, Songwriter and Vocalist

“Adrienne was so helpful to me during a particularly challenging time. She has a wonderful way of helping to sort through confusion to get to a clarity that is calming and powerful.”

-Caroline, Project Manager

“I was pleasantly surprised at how personable Adrienne was, and how comfortable I felt right away. It didn't take long for her to tap into what was happening in my life, and for her to see things I never revealed. I've worked with Adrienne several times over the last couple years, and have been very happy to have her as a source of guidance.”

-Willow McDonough, Filmmaker

“Adrienne is truly blessed and talented. Her work is amazing and incomparable!”

-Ece Kamcili, Production at Tibi New York

“I have had the great good fortune to benefit from the expertise, intelligence and incredibly insightful work of Adrienne Fodor as an intuitive counselor who I have regularly consulted with for over 5 years. She has an amazing way of articulating some very personal and emotional information with grace, eloquence and imagination. I trust Adrienne implicitly and always highly value the perspectives she helps me to attain during important times of change in my life. Adrienne has a real gift and I often recommend her to many of my friends without reservation.”

-Spring Berlandt, Teacher

“Adrienne is a grounded and graceful soul who has the ability to easily create an open, safe space. She knows her talents and gifts and embraces them in a real, relatable and communicative ways. I know Adrienne in many different lights: friend, colleague, in leadership and as a healer. In all of these rolls she remains the same genuine, talented and trustful person. I have referred many people that are dear to me to see Adrienne, will continue to do so.”

-Valerie Mate, Nutritionist

"Adrienne has an amazing ability to see past externals and into the human heart.  My time with her was a total joy, filled with insights that have proved powerful and life-changing. She combines rare intuition with warmth, intelligence and clarity.  She has a true gift and gives it with love."

-Jim Comer, Author & Speaker

"I have worked with Adrienne over the course of many sessions, and I always leave feeling refreshed with clarity and understanding. Her guidance is gentle and has helped me see blind spots in my life. I often come to see her when I'm having issues with relationships in my life, and she helps me to see the bigger picture. I highly recommend Adrienne. She is comfortable and easy to be with, and is a pleasure to work with."

-Rosie Masters, CEO and Founder of Movement Play Events

“Watching Adrienne work is amazing.  When life gets more difficult than I can handle, I go to Adrienne.  Her kindness and authenticity makes me feel totally comfortable and she accesses what I haven't been able to through years of therapy.” 

-Mark A., Director of Operations

“If greater clarity, joy and self expression are the name of your game, you're in the right place.  Adrienne has the unique ability to illuminate patterns and possibilities with care and humor.  She lovingly points out the sometimes unconscious, emotional, psychological, behavioral and spiritual patterns that may be creating challenge in our lives and helps us see the inspiring possibilities that lie beyond.    On the journey to who you are most called to be, she's a true beacon for the road ahead.”

-Ben Hart, Course Development Manager at The Shift Network

“Adrienne is a warm and caring person who listens well and advises wisely. I felt that she genuinely cared about my well-being and counseled accordingly. She is a pleasure. I have worked with her multiple times and would definitely work with Adrienne again in the future.”

-Tatyana Balte, Designer

"Adrienne is the best counselor I have ever worked with.  Every time, it blows my mind and heart open and wakes me up to what is really going on."

-Justin Schmidt, International Fitness Trainer

“Adrienne is a wonderful, compassionate practitioner.  A true professional.  If you're not a believer, you will be.  Her insights are real, sometimes surprising and amazingly useful.  The clarity and direction Adrienne brought to some challenges I was grappling with recently were uncanny.  Adrienne helps you understand your life on a deeper level and prepare for what is ahead.  I recommend her often.”

-Leslie M., Marketing Director

“Adrienne Fodor has been given a gift and she uses it with great care and integrity. Adrienne is a pure light, a channel to help us through our own processes to heal and know ourselves. I am so grateful for Adrienne, as she has strengthened my faith in life. This faith has carried me and been a torch for my highest self to shine through. To me, Adrienne is a sign and a messenger.  I am forever grateful that she shares her gifts; they are truly sacred and deserving of reverence.”

- Meg McKenna, Teacher

“Adrienne's visions have proven uncannily accurate for me and the three friends I have referred to her. Initially doubtful [of clairvoyance], I'm now 100% on board.”

-Tina Cheung, Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Manager

“I've seen Adrienne for several sessions over the last year.  What I like about her is her clarity: she has brought up information more than once that was new, and turned out to be true.  She also tells it like it is: no sugarcoating.

I want to know exactly what she's seeing, the way she sees it.  I get specifics related to my questions.  She is very valuable when you have a situation you are trying to understand.  I had a situation this year that was difficult and disturbing and working with her has helped me get through it and beyond it.”

-Chris McKoy, Clothing Designer

“A colleague bought me a gift certificate to see Adrienne because he goes to her and saw my career skating on thin ice for the first time.  I used to give him a hard time about going to his "palm reader."  I'll admit I was a skeptic and a handful walking through her door the first time.  What I couldn’t have understood is how practical Adrienne’s help would and continues to be.  She helps me streamline and prioritize in a way nothing else does.  I know greater success thanks to Adrienne.  She is my secret weapon.”

-L.W., Financial Adviser, Morgan Stanley

“I highly recommend Adrienne! She has helped me through some of my most challenging days on the planet.  I cannot thank her enough!”

-Lisa Oliver-Nakagama, Hair Colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon

"Adrienne is a gift.   I went to her seeking clarity and direction, as I felt on the brink of another big change in my life.  From the moment I was in her presence, my thoughts & body occurred as peaceful and warm.   I felt a “lightness of being” while while with her.   During our session, Adrienne was able to calm my frenetic stream of thoughts and create an easy flow.  She lovingly and specifically guided me to be newly open to ideas that I foster deep in my consciousness.  She also helped me connect to what motivates me to take these new steps in career and love in my life.  In one conversation, Adrienne was able to see a great physical pain in my body I have had for years and helped me release mental resistance to life-circumstances that was adding to the pain.   Adrienne is just delightful.”

-Lara Pezza, Actress

“Adrienne’s work is incredibly powerful. I don't know how she does it, but the counseling she gives resonates with me on a level beyond anything I could think through myself. We all have challenges that come up, and I've found working with her to be an extremely fast path to get answers that may take weeks or months to come otherwise. Whether it's a relationship or business challenge, I've found her counseling to be spot on, especially when I look back.”

-Jim Donovan, Founder, JD Leadership

"My session with Adrienne put everything into place.  So shocking really what she sees because everything rang true and helped me make sense of decisions I was facing. Her gift is so extraordinary."

-Ellen S., Teacher

“What I love is how precisely tapped in Adrienne is...  She gets to the depth and core of what’s going on for you or those close to you with such clarity and sometimes even humor.  I have personally been healed and transformed in multiple ways just from the new awareness she offered me. I was able to walk away with answers that had previously evaded me and a list of specific things I could put in practice to help with my personal shift move forward.  Adrienne is truly a blessing and a gift to be shared.”

-Nicole Dionne, Actress

"My wife saw Adrienne - the insight that Adrienne offered provided my wife with the fuel she needed to power her future. It really is a thrill to see my wife acting on deep-set desires that, for some reason, she did not feel free to act on until now.  The gift Adrienne has given our family will, I think, pay dividends for decades to come."

-Rich Greenwood, Marketplace Content Manager at PayPal

"I can't begin to express the gratitude and awe I feel about my session with Adrienne. I am ready to work with the insights that came up as the result of just an hour with her.  It may be one of the most important hours of my entire life."

-Stephen Becker

"The best way to describe my experience with Adrienne is that it is like having an unbiased conversation with your intuition.  She reaffirms what your soul already knows by validating your feelings and energy, then guides you on how to best remove the obstacles that are keeping you small instead of being expansive, living your truth and allowing your light to shine." 

-Chelli Herrera, CEO, Illuminated Solutions 

“Before you have a session with Adrienne, get ready for a fun and life-inspiring journey.  Her imagery and descriptions of your energy are so creative that you could say she is a great artist. But on top of those beautiful words, she hands you solutions that you would have never thought of. I have worked on several different issues with her and have moved to a new level every time.  I am so grateful for the life-changing work she does and that I have had the opportunity to meet her.”

-Kia Colton, Singer & Voice Instructor

"When I need to take it to that deeper level, when I need guidance... I go to Adrienne. Adrienne sees so clearly just what you need to know and accesses information at another level. She connects into your own deeper knowing and beyond. I've never wondered if what she says is true, because when she speaks, it resonates. She cares and it shows. By presenting the truth she gives you the opportunity to unveil your best self. Adrienne is honest and real. I feel blessed to have met her and appreciate every session with her."

-Jenn Perell, Yoga & Life Coach

“Adrienne is such a gifted, genuine, and loving being. As someone who has experienced a variety of people in this field over the years, I can honestly say Adrienne has to be my favorite. She is clear, insightful, and can go as deep as you can. I highly, highly recommend her and enthusiastically send her referrals.”


-Anjula Ram, Assistant to Film Director

"Adrienne holds powerful space for one to connect with the deepest parts of one's heart. The clarity of her sight and messages are remarkable."

-Adriana Ayales, Herbalist

“A beautiful woman and AMAAAAZING intuitive. For everyone out there... if you are at all considering- just do it! Adrienne is truly very gifted and has helped me in many ways as a counselor.  Thank you, Adrienne.”

-Sara Ferrigno, Nutritionist & Yoga Instructor

“Being with Adrienne is being on a beautiful journey deep within my own soul.  Her guided imagery takes me on magical adventures that are really my subconscious mind's buried desires just waiting to take wing.  During intuitive counseling, she sees straight into my heart and leaves me feeling even more empowered and excited about life.  Give yourself the gift of spending time with Adrienne and share the gift with everyone in your life.  She will unlock your heart and mind in ways you've only imagined.”

-Jenni Mischel, Paralegal

"Adrienne's sessions always leave me feeling clear about my path and with a new, beneficial perspective.

She guides me closer to myself, and has given me insight that has changed my life and my way of being for the better. Money well spent."

-Linda Moody, Musician

“My sessions with Adrienne are some of the most powerful and healing work I've ever experienced.  She is always able to, so accurately, see everything that is going on and relay it back to me in such a clear, gentle and powerful way.  It regularly brings me calm and profound healing to my mind, body and emotional system.  I consider sessions with Adrienne as essential as air & water!”

-Gregg Marks, Filmmaker, Record Producer

"My sessions with Adrienne have truly given me a new sense of awareness in this world. Her gift is undeniable, magical, and not to be missed."

-Vanessa Dunleavy, Actress

"One session with Adrienne is better than twelve months of therapy!  She clearly sees you without you having to explain yourself.  It is a fun, valuable and safe way to look at your life."  

-Jennifer Cabrera, Mother

"Sitting in sessions with Adrienne are among my most memorable moments.  At my first reading, I was completely surprised: here was this beautiful, approachable, exuberant woman sitting before me and speaking to me in relevant detail about the forces at play in all areas of my life.  She shared what she was seeing with the delight and enthusiasm of a child.  I felt completely at ease, at home with her, as though we had known each other for a very long time, and there was such a sense of lightness in our interaction. I have received many psychic readings before--good ones!--and I must say that my experiences with Adrienne stand apart from all of them. To call her a “psychic" is incomplete. Adrienne sheds light on the parts of me that want to be seen and understood.  Following through with guidance received in sessions with her has only ever lead me to greater fluidity, ease, and freedom in my daily life."

-Karen Anne Light, Actress

"My work with Adrienne has been illuminating beyond belief. Our work together has helped to focus my own awareness on old patterns and new areas with opportunity for growth, change and possibility. I consider myself fairly well versed in different modes of self improvement. I wouldn't dare try to fit Adrienne into a category. What I can share with you is that her intuition is sharp, her knowledge is deep and her experience lends for the most present, authentic and progressive understanding. I appreciate Adrienne for her passion, her care and her commitment to helping others."

-Leila Burrows, Co-Founder, The Pad Yoga Studios

“I've highly recommended Adrienne's support as an intuitive counselor to several close friends of mine since I first started seeing her. Every single person has walked away with pieces of wisdom and insight into their lives that allowed them to see situations more clearly or to more fully understand aspects of their own personality or others. Her easy and humble nature makes it a joy to be around her and her ability to provide clear and directed advice makes for wonderful and powerful sessions. I highly regard and respect her work and she has brought to light the path in which my true creative nature merged with a viable career path. She is trusted confidant and skilled adviser.”

-Maria Williford, Natural Builder and Designer 

"Adrienne is truly a gifted intuitive. She'll help you cut through to your core issues with compassion and integrity."

-Mei Mei Fox, Author

“Adrienne is divinely inspired. She brings so much love, compassion, tenderness, honesty, strength, and wisdom to her work. I was so deeply moved. And her intuitive abilities... wow!  Wow and more wow. She picked up on so many things, which were simply spot on. I really had a transformative experience. It was incredibly powerful. She offered me insights and a direction on areas, which I really had been trying to nail down. They were vague feelings of uneasiness which she was able to zero in on and offer directions and possible explorations toward real solutions.  The world is lucky to have her in it!”

-Kiran Ranchandran, Writer & Director

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with great anxiety and depression. I talked to my family, my closest friends, my manager, my agent and all the professionals I could.  I wanted someone to open the gates to an understanding I knew must be there. Then my brother told me to call Adrienne.   Adrienne simply listened to my name and began to translate without any prior knowledge of my issue. It’s as if she speaks a silent language we all knew as children – but have lost the ability to hear or listen to along the path of adulthood. I am neither religious, nor superstitious, nor spiritual – but Adrienne is beyond gifted. She’s magical.  She retrieved something from within, lost behind layers and layers of logic and reason. Wisdom delivery at it's finest.  An opening of a secret valve of incredible trust and joy. We all have it, but sometimes we need someone to open its doors.”

-Leandro Sorice , Artist

Adrienne is amazing!!  She’s helped guide me through times of transition and helped push me out of stagnation.  I know she will always give me the direct, honest and candid answers I’m seeking to move ahead. She lets me know if there are steps that I need to take to reach a certain outcome, or if the outcome will be the same regardless of what I do.  She also lets me know if I don’t need her!  I trust her implicitly, and have learned to trust myself more because of her. I always look forward to my time with her, and I always leave feeling much more calm and at ease.

I truly can’t thank her enough for her guidance.”


-Sarah H., Actress

“I can't express enough how helpful and meaningful my time was with Adrienne. Gifted a session by a friend who continually gains from her recurring sittings with Adrienne, I really wasn't too sure what I was signing up for. From minute one, Adrienne guided me through the process of simply being open-minded, sharing and listening... and in turn learning more about myself and my current situation than I ever could have hoped for. Adrienne is extremely comforting, charming and downright impressive with what she picks up on, offering advice where it applies. All she wants to do is help you be your best self and not get in your own way. For me, she was able to quickly pinpoint occasionally ignored strengths and weaknesses within my natural abilities - which in my case was exactly what I was seeking so I could carry that into my impending career shift. The session offered insight to the soul, and weeks later I'm still thinking about things we discussed and building on them. Don't be scared to try this out. Its well worth it. And with Adrienne, there's nothing hokey about it. She's real, and she's the real deal, and she's just like you and me.”

-Chad Joseph

"Adrienne brings a fresh, clear energy to the work she does. I found our session deeply illuminating, but also quite fun. There is a lightness, even when addressing not-so-light topics. I would definitely recommend her, and I don't say this causally. I am planning on talking with her again."

-Renee Lertzman, Researcher and Environmental Communications Consultant

“A friend of mine recommended Adrienne to me having had wonderful sessions with her in the past. I am very open minded to most things but have seen a few fortune tellers over the years who were very good as well,  so I wasn’t entirely sure if this would bring anything new to me. I was very wrong.  Adrienne is able to read into your life and help you through any questions or life directions you may be about to embark on. This was like nothing I had experienced previously. Her insight is phenomenal, she understands you and the people around you instantly. I would recommend Adrienne to anyone in a heart beat. She is more insightful than you could ever imagine and gives you the tools and guidance to better your life”.

-Sam Kennedy, Producer

"I asked Adrienne if she could see any issues that I need to address before my business can rise to the next level. What she saw was "right on" and obviously true. I don't know how I hadn't seen these dynamics before, but I see them now and I am already taking steps to address what she showed me. I highly recommend Adrienne Fodor as a gifted Intuitive Counselor."

-Bill Epperly, Executive Coach

"One of the best Intuitives I know, and I know quite a few! She not only provides a safe container for her work, but it is all done with such high integrity and aligned with the highest good of all concerned. I love this lady and refer people to her regularly to this day. Hands down one of the best."

-Anjula Ram, Producer

“I found Adrienne during a very transitional time in my life -- both professionally and personally -- and the support that she was able to provide to me was immense. While her insight was incredible, what surprised me the most was the unique perspective that she uncovered surrounding both my career and personal relationships. After our session I felt that I truly understood my purpose and myself. Her ability to do all of this with compassion, kindness, and humor is a remarkable gift, and I would recommend Adrienne to anyone, any age, at any stage of his/her life.”

-Jackie Graham, Artist

"Adrienne's coaching and workshops are super insightful and helpful. Clients love working with Adrienne and her work is of great value for anyone needed guidance, direction and clarity. Thank You Adrienne!"

-Thu Zar Wynn, Coo/Matchmaker