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I have compiled this list of the best therapies, products and practices from many years of working with patients in the hospital (CPMC) and in my private practice, being the managing buyer and researcher of supplements for the hospital & studying with and interviewing the top doctors and practitioners in the US.  These are the winners - the most effective products and practices from the experts.  I have no professional affiliation with any company listed.  By no means, would any one person be on all of these supplements.  This is just the master list for you to discuss and tailor (selection and dosage) with your doctor and/or practitioners.  My hope is that this will save you time, confusion and leg-work and fast-track your progress with your healthcare team.

The links below are to my favorites and what are broadly considered the most effective products on the market. Important - These are not treatment plans.  Again, check with those managing your medical care prior to incorporating these suggestions.  As I learn of new approaches to optimal health I will add them to this section of my website (please note “last update” date below)

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Basic Supplements - Beneficial for Most People

Lifestyle Suggestions

Ultimate Morning Organic Smoothie Ingredient Ideas


Brain Chemistry


Digestive Issues

Hormonal Issues

Vaginal Health and Related Issues

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> Basic Supplements - Beneficial for Most People

Make it easy to take your supplements

  1. *Keep your supplements and medications in the refrigerator  to extend potency

  2. *Stay consistent: Set alarms on your smart phone to remind you to take your supplements

  3. *Design a daily schedule of when you take your supplements (AM, Brkfst, Noon, PM, Bed)

  4. *Carry your supplements with you in an organizer

  5. *Check and to find the best prices

Effective supplement approaches to discuss with your practitioner

Eskimo 3 Fish Oil (Supports brain, heart and eye function - overall anti-inflammatory)

Jarrow-Sil (Supports hair growth)

COQ10 in the form of Ubiquinol: UBQH or Source Naturals  (Supports brain, heart and liver function)

Chlorella (Supports liver function, detoxification and improves immune function)

Blue Green Algae (Supports digestive system and brain function, detoxification, aids with mood disorders, allergies and blood-sugar regulation)

Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol (Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory; regulates the immune system; lowers/regulates blood pressure; is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous; aids with depression as low Vitamin D generally means low Dopamine). Optimal D3 blood test level results 60-70 and 80 for auto-immune patients

Alpha Lipoic Acid (Neutralizes potentially harmful free radicals & supports energy production)

Reactive to light so keep in a dark cabinet/fridge & needs to include Biotin (which this product has) or can cause deficiency

N-A-C (Supports liver and lung function - keep in fridge and in the original brown bottle)

Multi-Vitamin: (Iron & Copper-free) Basic Nutrients III  OR (With Iron) Multigenics

> Lifestyle Suggestions

Protect and maintain consistent sleep/wake cycle and 8 hours of sleep. Use sleep mask (change regularly) and ear plugs for deepest and least distracted sleep.  Mid-day nap when possible and for no more than 20-45 min.

Drink 10 glasses of filtered water a day (80 oz)

Stabilize blood sugar with low glycemic foods, adequate protein (70 – 80 grams per day) and by eating 5-6 small meals a day

Eat as few toxins as possible  - Why eat organic?

I often ask people, if someone came to you table and sprinkled poison on your food would you still eat it?

Avoid canned products: Why and which companies don’t use BPA

Non-vegetarians: Eat organic, hormone & antibiotic-free, humane meats and eggs only

Vegetarians: Great Book , Vegetarian Starter Kit, Oprah’s Inspiration, Dr. Esselstyn Jr., Dr. Dean Ornish

Pair foods for maximum benefit: Article

Seafood Watch Downloadable Guide to eating the least-toxic fish

Make sure you cosmetics and hygiene products are safe

Eat foods high in fiber (carbohydrates are best tolerated in the morning)

Use a water filter in the shower:  Sprite, Omica, Aquasana or Wellness Filter

Use flouride-free toothpaste

Use aluminum-free deodorant (the roll-on is best)

Be aware of herb-food interactions, more.

Women: Use chlorine and plastic-free pads and panty-liners (avoid all tampons)

Meditate daily (even 5 minutes counts - everyone I know who does it is happier)

Disconnect from your smart phone and the internet for at least 1 hour a day and for one hour before bed

> Ultimate Morning Organic Smoothie Ingredient Ideas

Juicers: VitaMix or any masticating cold press juicer

Cucumber (detoxification & cooling)

Kale (antioxidants)

Romaine (fiber)

Celery (blood pressure regulation)

Cilantro (detoxification)

Ginger (digestion & immunity)

Apple (digestion & weight management)

Parsley (oxygenated the blood)

Garlic (immunity & detoxification)

Lemon (detoxification & immunity)

Beet (detoxification)

Spirulina (trace minerals)

Avocado (healthy fats & fiber and vitamin e)

Hemp Protein

Raw Protein

Ultimate Meal




Coconut water, milk or meat

Chia, flax or sesame seeds

> Detoxification

Removing toxins from your daily life

*See Lifestyle Basics section above for more detoxification recommendations

Shower in less toxic water by adding a shower-head water filter

Use air filters in your home or at least in your bedroom when you sleep (model must have a HEPA filter)

Start each day with 10-16oz of water with 1 tblspn of Black Hawaiian Salt with lemon in morning

Sauna regularly (Far-Infared preferred) - Email me for Hydrotherapy Directions Sheet

Start “Rebounding” on a small, home trampoline (for lymphatic drainage)

Effective supplement approaches to discuss with your practitioner

Charcoal (Absorbs and then clears toxins from the body)

Vitamin C (supports adrenals at 1,000 mgs and aids detoxification at 3,000 mgs a day)

Dandelion Tea (Increases bile flow and detoxification of the liver)

LVR Formula (Supports liver detoxification and increases bile flow)

Max GXL (Slows aging, improves liver function and immune system function)

Advaclear (Supports every stage of detoxification in the liver)

UCP (Supports detoxification especially for those with Chronic Fatigue)

UCP pH  (See above - the pH makes is a more alkaline version of the product)

> Brain Chemistry

Basic principles

Proper sleep (8 hours) is the number one anti-inflammatory for the brain and regulates brain and adrenal function.

Blood sugar regulation stabilizes the brain

Small meals throughout the day help maintain brain tissue mass

Food sensitivity or intolerance causes inflammation of the brain and therefore symptoms


In-depth neurochemistry testing:  NeuroScience   (click ‘Profile Selection Guide’)

Other Effective Therapies

Sunbox Jr Lightbox (for S.A.D. & Depression)

Guided Imagery for Trauma

Reading for Love Addiction

Effective supplement approaches to discuss with your practitioner

Adrenogen (Improves Adrenal Fatigue & low cortisol)

Adreset (Improves Adrenal Fatigue & general fatigue)

Cortisol Manager (Improves Adrenal Fatigue & poor sleep and can assist with Marijuana cessation)

Cordeceps (Helps with mental and physical fatigue)

PS100 (Improves overall Brain health)

CoQ10 as UBQH or Source Naturals  (Hyper-vigilance & brain health)

Inositol & Choline (Helps with Bipolar Disorder)

B-12 (Helps with Bipolar Disorder and liver stagnation)

Serenagen (Improves worry, Anxiety & poor sleep)

Zen (Improves Anxiety & assists with Marijuana cessation)

MyoCalm (Improves muscle aches & Anxiety)

Tran-Q (Improves stress & worry)

Kavinace (Improves severe Anxiety, poor sleep & Fibromyalgia)

Niacinamide (Helps with Paranoia & Delusion)

Lithium Orotate (Helps with Bipolar Disorder, Paranoia & Delusion)

> Anemia

*Anemic patients can’t make enough dopamine or serotonin or get enough oxygen to the brain.

*Be sure to take or include many Vitamin C-rich foods into your program for better Iron absorption

Effective Iron supplement approaches to discuss with your practitioner

Organic Iron


> Digestive Issues

*If the intestines are unstable, brain chemistry is unstable.  Simple as that.

Effective supplement approaches to discuss with your practitioner

Digestive Enzymes (add LPS if have Hypothyroid)

Sustain Formula (Improves constipation, bloating and gut issues)

Para-Guard (for bacterial, yeast or parasitic infections)

Grapefruit Seed Extract (preventative when traveling overseas)

Potential foods to be eliminated (Look online for lists of foods that contain these allergens):

•Gluten containing grains





  1.    Refined sugar

  2.    Yeast

•Food coloring or preservatives

> Hormonal Issues

These resources are intended to help you gather the most helpful information and a detailed picture of your monthly symptom fluctuations to review with your practitioner. 

If cortisol levels rise at night as increased by increased energy & anxiety, check for low progesterone

Understand hormonal patterns

Track your symptoms in a detailed way with printable reports to give your specialist

*Please email me for a printable PMS Symptom Tracking Chart!

> Vaginal Health and Related Issues

*Important : Don’t wash your privates with soap, wear cotton underwear and fragrance-free laundry detergent

Effective supplement & hygiene approaches to discuss with your practitioner

Eucerin Original Formula Cream

(Put a little on your underside after bowel movements to avoid unfriendly bacteria growth)

A&D Cream

(Put a little on your underside after bowel movements to avoid unfriendly bacteria growth)

Vitamin A  (Take 80,000 to 100,000 IU a day for 7 days for viral infection)

LactoFlamX  (Reduces inflammation and discomfort in the gut – 2 to 4 for one week and 1 to 2 after)

CP-1 Probiotics (Supports healthy bacteria ratio - High potency)

Probiardi  (Reduces Candida and/or E. coli overgrowth in the gut)

Bifidus Balance (Basic probiotic for those who are re-building flora and are sensitive to stronger/combination products)

Vita-C (Improves immune function)

SF722 (Supports and balances healthy gut and vaginal microorganisms)

Tanalbit (Supports elimination of yeast, fungal or bacterial issues)

Apple cider douche

Grapefruit Seed Extract (Preventative and treatment for persistent Candida and fungal infections)

Combo-Yeast Vaginal Cream available with prescription at Koshland Pharmacy

Fluconozole (prescription anti-fungal)

> Great Online Research Resources

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