The happiness of a team determines the long-term success of a business. 

Where there is animosity, un-communicated expectations, gossip, poor understanding of how to manage each employee, wrong placement or a lack of alignment among leadership... good people leave and a company’s culture and bottom line may be greatly compromised. 

I work onsite and via teleconference with business executives, department heads, and staff members to create more workable, harmonious and productive relationships within all types of work environments at every level of an organization.  


My non-traditional, intuitive process uncovers the cause of the current dysfunction so that conflict can be solved at it root.  My task is to provide a map, help facilitate resolution and help foster understanding between members of the organization.  The result is a future with fewer conflicts and greater success.


This work can make short work of big issues.  It is a businesslike, fair, and efficient process, conducted without judgment – I’m only looking for what is workable.  The confidentiality of the parties and organization I am working with is maintained always and is clearly stated in my contract. 



Business to Business


I also help companies resolve obstacles and issues with their clients, vendors and other associates.  This is particularly helpful during times of negotiation or renegotiation and can support a positive reputation and effect on others.

If you have any questions or are interested in my availability or rates for my corporate work, please contact my assistant.