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As an Intuitive Counselor, I use clairvoyance to help you get a useful and actionable aerial view of the practical, emotional and energetic factors affecting different areas of your life. People often come at times of transition or decision-making, when they want to find a way to improve a situation, or find answers to lingering questions that have made them restless. 

For 15+ years, in my private practice, I have worked with a very diverse group of clients, all over the world, helping them connect to clarity. With this clarity, clients often unlock unseen barriers and powerfully open the door to a more fully realized life and long-sought transformation.


A deeply relaxing journey into the subconscious...

Imagine resting comfortably with your eyes closed; being led through rich mental landscapes; being prompted to imagine, feel and hear your deepest, untapped internal experience as a detailed visual world full of answers unfolds.

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Previous Professional Experience

For over 10 years, while building my private practice, I proudly worked as part of the Institute for Health and Healing at one of the best hospitals in San Francisco: California Pacific Medical Center

I ran the Medical Literature Research Program and the Planetree Health Library.  I led the research team that provided comprehensive collections of literature and studies about each patient’s particular condition from both the conventional and complementary worlds of medicine.  This required hundreds of hours of scouring medical databases, reviewing scientific journals and reading consumer health books and the like.   Just as importantly, I conducted in-depth interviews with patients about their symptoms, concerns, feelings, medical history and possible causes of their conditions.  These years enhanced my private practice greatly as an Intuitive Counselor because they allowed me to understand the complexity of the body and its needs from so many different perspectives. 

Classes & Events

I led weekly and monthly classes in San Francisco then Los Angeles for 5 years featuring lectures from some of the most inspiring minds among us as well as performances from incredible musicians.  I also had the great joy of producing ComeUnion, a monthly event for Golden Bridge Yoga LA and Cafe Gratitude.

In-Hospital Group Work

I had the privilege of leading a weekly, group guided imagery workshop at San Francisco General Hospital. Members of each group were all homeless, HIV positive and detoxing from Methamphetamine.  The goal of each series was to help patients work on their most challenging memories and perceptions of self, in a safe environment, with a unique tool and without judgement.

Weekly Workshop with Ex-Felons

I lead classes for those recently released from prison who are in pursuit of employment and a more functional and rewarding life through the exceptional placement program at B.O.S.S. in Oakland.

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